Nordic Catering

Food and handicraft was an important part of my upbringing. My mother was an exceptional cook and always served exciting new meals. I have fond memories helping her out in the kitchen, preparing a delicious Sunday dinner for the family. 

I have spent the last two decades spreading my love for Nordic cuisine and culture in Switzerland. It is the Finnish nature with its blue lakes and green forests that inspires me as a cook. The authentic flavour of rye flower and other organic grains are as important to me as organic meats and sustainable fishing. One of my specialties is homemade warm smoked salmon filet, which I am sure you will love.


Here are some examples of what other delicatessen I can provide:

Graavilohi & Katkarapuleipiä   Canapés with graved or smoked salmon or prawns

Silli- ja mätiherkkuja   Various types of herring and roe

Poroleipiä   Deer canapés

Karjalanpiirakoita   Karelian pasties, deliciously filled with either rice or potato

Lihapullia   Handmade meatballs

Korvapuusteja   Oven-baked cinnamon rolls


This is just a small selection, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any special wishes. 

I look forward to cooking for you.